I was a tomboy growing up, and still am in a lot of ways. When I was a little kid, I didn't really have any role models. All the women in movies and TV were "damsels in distress" and that was no fun. I didn't want to be a fairy princess, I wanted to be one of the people facing the danger head on. I had missed the Emma Peel era (although I've made up for that deficiency in the last couple of years), and didn't read comics yet. I was a kid in a family with lots of strong women and I didn't see that in fiction.

Then Princess Leia grabbed the blaster rifle out of her "rescuers" hands and said if they couldn't do it, she would. And my family cheered.

I'm a big fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, River Song, The Avengers (Steed and Emma Peel), MOTU, Wicked, NYPD Blue, Buck Rogers, Logan's Run, DC Comics, L&O SVU and CI, and the mystery novels of Stout, Christie, Marsh, and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. And more. I'm still that tomboy looking for fun and adventure!

While I like all these different universes, I only write Star Trek (Saavik and S/Saa), Star Wars, and River Song. I start thinking of writing other fic, but end up feeling I don't have the characters clear enough in my head to get them right. I started writing fic in college with my best friend and fell in love with writing. I took a very long break from it when I had a bad writing teacher who (not deliberately) just choked my whole ability to put words together. In 2000, I read "Vulcan's Heart" and it made that dam break. I've done original work too such as plays, short stories, and the first draft for a novel.

I really enjoy a good story and I've met so many great people through fic! I enjoy stories that get the characters and their environment right, and still come up with new, original ideas about them. I'm glad for the great web sites with all their information so I can get things right too, like the Vulcan research pages on brightstar where everything is canon with references and the asktheexperts site; and I'm very grateful for my new writing teachers. I've learned a lot from them and it's helped fuel some ideas. But beware of the older ones! LOL!

I hope you enjoy the stories here.

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  • "I am firmly convinced there is no Star Trek fiction writer who is ahead of you. You need to find an agent. Writers who are not in your league are making a living writing fiction.." - Brad

  • "I found your site and have to say I found your Luke and Leia stories wonderful. Truly excellent. I like the way you filled in their backstory very realistically. In many ways better than some of the published books I have read. You should certainly continue with these characters, you have a nice feel for them.."- Deanna

  • "Your River Song writing for Honour Thy Father: The layers, oh my gods, the layers. They're missing in so many pieces that categorize just River-the-badass, or River-the-tragedienne, or Mels-the-troublemaker. There are so many layers, and they're so exquisitely crafted, and in simultaneously muted and brilliant technicolor. Add in the subtleties of Rory, an Amy with more qualities than just Scottish, and a Doctor who is so much more than a big, albeit hot, doof... This is my favorite, ever." - Sandbar