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Welcome to Kerjen Fanfiction.

Welcome to Kerjen Fanfiction

I hope you enjoy these stories featuring Star Trek's Saavik and Spock; Doctor Who's River Song and the Doctor; and Star Wars' Princess Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker, and Han Solo

The artists for the slideshow are: "Little cat left behind" by davemetlesits; "Child of the Tardis" by Saimain; "Bail says goodbye to Leia before her departure" by Star Wars Insider; "Saavik" by LemonVampire; "Tickle Tickle Tickle" by okashishii; "Leia" by jackieocean
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September 25th, 2017

· The Final Rider: a new short story!
Saavik is with Captain Truman Howes when she's engaged and then marries Spock (in Vulcan's Heart). But she had another crew and captain before (in my timeline). What happened? Why do people say they heard what she did for Dannan Stuart in the end? (Note: I lost one of my best friends in the middle of this story. An amazing woman. So Lauren's words and star bracelet plus the "What will I do without you?" are real.)

August 14th, 2017

· Assignment: a new short story!
Commander Ajeya is called in front of Commander Charvanek. Everything is fine until Ajeya sees Saavik in the Empire using the name Evaste. Now Charvanek wonders what Ajeya is hiding and she must make sure she doesn't let the truth out: she's Saavik's mother. (Takes place soon after the book, Vulcan's Heart.)

· Trade: a new short story!
Commander Charvanek gets an alarm that someone is accessing records showing Saavik and Spock were in the Empire during the revolution against Praetor Dralath. So Charvanek goes face to face with a smuggler of all people: a man named Achernar. (Takes place shortly after the book, Vulcan's Heart.)

August 3rd, 2017

· First Contact: a new short story!
Amanda asks Saavik to help her with something and their friendship grows.

August 2nd, 2017

· Terrifying: a new short story!
Kirk and his crew feel down and exhausted after Spock's fal tor pan, but that ends because Amanda and Saavik are under one roof now! It's just what everyone needs.

Saavik and Spock fanfiction

Saavik and Spock fanfiction

These Saavik stories are based on characters and situations created by Gene Roddenberry. I also use "Pandora Principle", "Just Another Little Training Cruise", "Vulcan's Heart", and more.

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Leia, Luke, and Han fanfiction

These Princess Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker, and Han Solo fanfiction stories are based on characters and situations created by George Lucas. All stories are based on the canon from the first 6 movies only. This section is closed since it no longer fits the saga with the Abrams' movies.

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River Song and the Doctor fanfiction

This River Song and the Doctor fanfiction is based on characters and situations created by Steven Moffat, copyright BBC, as well as Classic Who. Stories based on what Moffat established as canon Series 4 - 6. I will finish "Hold On, Be Strong", but that will be the last River story as I do not like the character changes, so my work no longer fits canon.

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  • "Vulcan characterization is very difficult to write realistically and you do so masterfully." — Guest

  • "I am firmly convinced there is no Star Trek fiction writer who is ahead of you. You need to find an agent. Writers who are not in your league are making a living writing fiction." - Brad

  • "I found your site and have to say I found your Luke and Leia stories wonderful. Truly excellent. I like the way you filled in their backstory very realistically. In many ways better than some of the published books I have read. You should certainly continue with these characters, you have a nice feel for them."- Deanna

  • "Your River Song writing for Honour Thy Father: The layers, oh my gods, the layers. They're missing in so many pieces that categorize just River-the-badass, or River-the-tragedienne, or Mels-the-troublemaker. There are so many layers, and they're so exquisitely crafted, and in simultaneously muted and brilliant technicolor. Add in the subtleties of Rory, and Amy with more qualities than just Scottish, and a Doctor who is so much more than a big, albeit hot, doof... This is my favorite, ever." - Sandbar