Star Trek

Spock and
Fanfiction, art, and music videos dedicated to Spock and Saavik as well as Saavik's professional novels and short stories.

Vulcan info -- all canon
Great resource! Crosses the different series to give a full look at the Vulcans, citing the episodesor movies where the canon is established. I saved it to in case it ever came down off of its old site, but all the research was done by Brightstar.

Universal Translator Assistant Project
I love going here to create my own words for the Vulcan language. Scroll down to NEW WORD.
To translate the Vulcan language to English and back, visit the UTA here!

Vulcan Language Institute
When you don't want to create your own words, the VLI is a fantastic resource for words and grammar.

Voyager Bliss: Tuvok and T'Pel 'kissing' like ST III
Leonard Nimoy long ago decided that the sensitive areas on Vulcans is the hands, not the mouth like humans, and so he created the Vulcan 'kiss' back in TOS. The full 'kiss' was developed for Saavik and Spock's scene on Genesis, and Tuvok and his wife use it again in this scene from VOY:Bliss. I'm including it because whenever I reference it, people don't know it was used in this episode. I made this quick video clip narrowing down the biggest part of their scene. If you prefer, you can see it in screen caps here. BTW, Tim Russ does a phenomonal job here, capturing the utter essence of the Vulcan heart and never once going out of character. It's a very hard shame that this essence of Vulcan's heart and soul has been abandoned in favor of them acting human as the only good way for them to act (and so against Amanda saying their way is better).

Jim & Melody's Fanzine Website
Purchase new and used fanzines or sell yours. I've used this site myself and Jim & Melody have always responded and shipped quickly.

Star Wars

Soul of the Jedi
They emphasize, as I do, sticking to the canon of the movies, not the very bad direction the EU went.

Like Mother, Like Daughter
Dedicated to the royalty of the Star Wars universe. Includes bios, fan fic, wardrobe info, links, and a original picture gallery comparison of Padme Amidala and Princess Leia.

Han Solo and The Princess
Fanfiction and more dedicated to Leia and Han. Plus, join the campagne to get these two characters better written in the pro novels.
Han and Leia site featuring pics, sounds, fan fics and more.

The Southern Enclave
Featuring links, stories, and articles about Star Wars. Just to see that picture of Amidala and Anakin leaning in to kiss each other is worth a visit.

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