This River Song and the Doctor fanfiction is based on characters and situations created by Steven Moffat, copyright BBC, as well as Classic Who. All stories are based on what Moffat has said and shown as canon.

Stories are in alphabetical order.

Call for Help   Read the reviews!
The worst parts of the Universe can land on your doorstep, even if you're not traveling with the Doctor. But when the doorstep belongs to the Ponds, the Universe has to answer to River Song.

Follow Me If You Dare  Read the reviews!
That woman with the wild curls would need an army to win this. Little did he know, River Song has one.

Fond Memories   Read the reviews!
River Song: Oh, look! Your cot! Haven't seen that in a very long while. [She crosses to the cot, rocks it. Fond memories.] (Excerpt from the "A Good Man Goes to War" script)

What were the fond memories River had of the Doctor's baby cot in "A Good Man Goes to War"?

Grandkids  Read the reviews!
In response to perfectalexkingston's tumblr post, "She's making an idiot of herself and Brian's just standing there calmly. 'That's grandkids for you.'"

Hold On, Be Strong   Read the reviews!
In response to perfectalexkingston's tumblr post, "She's making an idiot of herself and Brian's just standing there calmly. 'That's grandkids for you.'"

Honour Thy Father  Read the reviews!
The Doctor popped in frequently in the Ponds' life before the tragic events in Manhattan, but where was River through it all? And how will she react to her brother Anthony in the future? It all comes down to Jack and Martha arriving on Father's Day during Power of Three. Covering all episodes as well as prequels, the last 2 Christmas Specials, and PS.

I Said Thank You For Two Thousand Years  Read the reviews!
For two thousand years she was protected and kept safe. As soon as she could, she said thank you to the one who watched over her. Because it wasn't only Amy who had a guardian.

Keep Your Relationship Private  Read the reviews!
First a home box written in a language that once could burn stars, raise up empires, and topple Gods. Then the oldest cliff face in the universe with a tongue that no linguist could read. All to tell the Doctor, "Hello Sweetie". He had to be impressed with that, and he came up with a way to say just to her: "Hi, honey. I�m home."

Melody Is The Single Most Important Thing To Any Song   Read the reviews!
River brings her mother and father to see her fellow survivor once more because of how much he can tell them.

Night and the Doctor: Date Night  Read the reviews!
The Doctor and River are on a date night during The Power of Three - or nights, they've lost count - where the Doctor does a mating dance for River, she turns tying a bowtie into a sensual experience, and a rest stop for dessert becomes a life changing moment. In response to a prompt at the River/Doctor Fluff Ficathon.

Once Upon A Daughter   Read the reviews!
Amy couldn't believe what she just heard. "... the baby was lost.... Had a terrible childhood, went wild....She's an adult when she sees her parents again."

Progeny  Read the reviews!
Every loving mother takes a moment now and then to take a good look at their child. Amy Pond is no exception.

The Most Unexpected Person at the Most Unexpected Time   Read the reviews!
He expected River Song to walk through the door. He looked forward to that. But he never expected the woman in front of him now.

The Valentine's Day of the Doctor   Read the reviews!
River writes messages on starliner homeboxes. She carves them into the oldest cliff face in the universe. Of course she's not going to give the Doctor a regular, boring Valentine's Day card.

  • "Call for Help: Great job of keeping the action moving and landing it with a satisfying ending.." — Difficat

  • "Night and the Doctor: Date Night: Uh, bawling my eyes out, here. This is definitely my personal canon."- fourteenlines

  • "Fond Memories: Love it love it love it!!!! His helping her uncover the memories and Melody' s impressions. This was so brilliant!" - JaneScarlett

  • "Once Upon A Daughter: Never noticed that connection. But you're right, the two have great similarities and you portrayed them very well too :)"- Terapsina

  • "Honour Thy Father: I don't know why it took me forever to check my archive, and I'm SO GLAD I FINALLY DID. I'm in tears. This first chapter is heartbreakingly perfect and perfectly heartbreaking. Truly I feel like this captures IT. It just captures the feelings and the frustrations I had with my Ponds. I love this, I love YOU!" - happilyinsane13

  • "Grandkids: This is literally everything my life has been missing. I've been wanting perfect Brian & River bonding so much. And. This. Is. Perfect. Matching trowels. Young River's entrance. I just. *curls up in a ball of happy fluff where everything is perfect*" - Del