Stories written in the 80s:
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Mirror Vulcan, Mirror Not  Read the reviews!
Set in the Mirror Universe, Saavik becomes a player in Spock's bid to overthrow the Empire.

Memoirs  Read the reviews!
Saavik's and Spock's introspections, first when she is twelve and then later, after Genesis. (a character piece)

What Are Friends For?  Read the reviews!
Uhura begins to see past Saavik's walls on a world where Starfleet is not welcome. (a character piece)
This also contains one of the original artworks drawn by Lana Brown for this story when it was published in "Katra" in 1986.

Stories written since 2000:
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Mirror Fires  Read the reviews!
A sequel to "Mirror Vulcan, Mirror Not". Spock's life is threatened, but many hold Saavik back from saving it.
Rating: PG-13 (mild adult language, violence, and sexual situations: it is the Mirror universe ;).

Final Thoughts of Saavik's Father   Read the reviews!
inspired by and using some lyrics from "No Way Out" by Phil Collins

Praise   Read the reviews!
Spock's protégés... they're a long, proud line
The part where Uhura finds Saavik staring at Spock's body after the battle with Khan is taken from my and Marla's "Triads". The character of Lt. Dawson also appears briefly in "Truth or Dare".

Amanda and Saavik meet at last and an important friendship begins. This is the first in a short story series called "The Daughter I Found in You". Each is standalone.

Kirk and his crew feel down and exhausted after Spock's fal tor pan, but that ends because Amanda and Saavik are under one roof now! It's just what everyone needs.

Let's Begin
Amanda and Saavik watch the Bird of Prey leave Vulcan. As Amanda watches the other gaze into the sky, she asks Saavik something important: let me teach you what a Vulcan mother would.

First Contact
Amanda asks Saavik to help her with something and their friendship grows.

Answer the Question
The day started with running into a bad, former captain, but Saavik faces the moment she knew would come: the Romulans have found out she is alive. Fortunately, she is at an event where they are limited in what they can do, but they are determined to know something about their escaped property. Kirk, McCoy, Spock, Amanda, Sarek, and Valeris also appear.

Are You With Me?   Read the reviews!
Spock is in a standoff with billions of lives at stake. Even Kirk and McCoy wonder if he's right. So he sends for someone else he hopes will see as he does: Saavik.

The Birds and the Pointed Ear Bees
Saavik is new to the Aerfen crew, but she knows she can help with a simple talk on the facts of life with a couple of girls. Everybody is in for a surprise.

Momisms  Read the reviews!
Nobody in the TOS crew -- or their guests -- can escape them. Nobody!

Rescue Efforts  Read the reviews!
When Saavik helps evacuate a failing civilian ship, she learns a harsh lesson in doing what's right.

Triads  Read the reviews!
Saavik comes face to face with Valeris again, this time seeing the betrayal beginning there. But she doesn't know Valeris is twisting Spock's mind against her and himself. A certain Romulan comes to Saavik, she and Sarek reach a peace, but is Amanda right that Valeris will hurt Spock if Saavik gives her one more chance? Between ST V and ST VI; an alternative to my Race of Cain.

The Race of Cain  Read the reviews!
Someone is killing off Hellguard's survivors through a disease and Saavik becomes its latest victim,
Please read this for the acknowledgements for the facts and research that is in "Race of Cain".
Read the behind the scenes for Saavik ficRead Behind the Scenes for The Race of Cain

The Race of Cain is now available as a paperback fan novel that looks like a real Star Trek paperback book so it'll fit on your shelf with the professional books. Re-written and edited for print! I've also made it available as a downloadable PDF and an ebook for free. I make no money on any of them.
The Race of Cain

NEW!   Do You Dream Of Me
Saavik laid in her hospital bed, struck down by the disease created to kill off Hellguard's survivors. Spock watches her, wondering if he can heal the rift between them. A missing moment from my "Race of Cain"; you don't need to read that to read this. Notes: Note: my good friend Martha was in the hospital and I wrote this for her as a little pick-me-up including audio. Time Period: between Chapters 3 and 4 of The Race of Cain. You don't need to read that story to read this.

What Good Came From It  Read the reviews!
When Sarek attempts to bring together Saavik and the family of the woman who cared for her on Hellguard (character from the novel, Pandora Principle), they face the paradox of what good could have come from the pain of that terrible colony.

One More Thing Before You Go   Read the reviews!
Amanda sits Saavik down for a talk before she ships out again. Amanda asks her what was it that Valeris betrayed her with, and how she sees what happened on Genesis and what it really means. And a little something called pon farr. Immediately follows "What Good Came From It", but it isn't necessary to have read it.

Saavik can't reach Vulcan before Amanda dies; she can't even get there for the funeral. Even as Spock struggles with grief and Saavik chastises herself for not getting there earlier, they are hit with more pain. Valeris isn't done with them yet. But maybe a good thing happens: their commitment strengthens and Saavik finds Amanda has left more things for her as well as the video letter.
Chapter One happens after "Race of Cain", "What Good Came From It", and "One More Thing Before You Go". Chapter Two happens after "Goodbye, Amanda". You don't need to read those to read this.

Goodbye, Amanda  Read the reviews!
Amanda dies and Saavik seeks a fitting way to say goodbye to her.

Mourning  Read the reviews!
Kirk has died on the Enterprise-B. On the night before his memorial service, the crew struggles with their deep well of grief and its affects on them. Told from the viewpoints of Spock, McCoy, Uhura, Saavik, and Sulu.
Artwork by Rod! You can contact him at
Other references: "Vulcan's Forge", "The Captain's Daughter", a Nichelle Nichols interview in "Starlog", and the Vonda McIntrye characters Captain Hunter and Dannan Stuart as well as their ship, the "Aerfen". I also refer to events in "The Race of Cain".

Truth Or Dare  Read the reviews!
Some games you don't play with Saavik.

Not A Game Anymore
"A covert mission into another neutral world where you seized information that was supposed to pass into our hands." - Romulan Commander Ajeya. Saavik wasn't alone in that mission; her shipmates - Dannan Stuart, Lauren Warfield, and Lynne Hoskins - were too. Even more, a certain Romulan 'businessman' named Achernar who is acting differently and Saavik can't figure it out.

Reasonable Doubt  Read the reviews!
Saavik is accused of assault and battery against three independent traders. The twist is -- the Enterprise crew wants her to be guilty. Told from Sulu's POV.

The Chase  Read the reviews!
Saavik gets caught in an all too familiar race for life.

The battle killed thousands. Spock's worried Saavik is one of them, but as they find each other, hate turns Starfleet's own against her. The only good: Saavik and Spock take the next step in their relationship and she meets her next captain. (Happy Birthday to Martha! We have the same birthday! She picked this as her present. I mention this story in several places. Now, here it is)

NEW!   Marry Me
Spock and Saavik have been so careful in showing what they dream of with each other. Now it's time to open themselves and say, "Am I the one you chose?" Updated with chapter 3: the Proposal!
My good friend Martha is very ill; I asked her what could I do for her and, surprisingly, she asked me to write this. So, for Martha.

The Final Rider
Saavik is with Captain Truman Howes when she's engaged and then marries Spock (in Vulcan's Heart). But she had another crew and captain before (in my timeline). What happened? Why do people say they heard what she did for Dannan Stuart in the end? (Note: I lost one of my best friends in the middle of this story. An amazing woman. So Lauren's words and star bracelet plus the "What will I do without you?" are real.)

Obliterate Your Tracks  Read the reviews!
Decades after Hellguard, Saavik's hunted by one of its commanders in a dangerously personal vendetta.
Spanish translation: Borrar El Rastro

The Wedding Dress
Spock and Saavik's betrothal ceremony is approaching and she's asked Sarek for a special favor: to wear Amanda's wedding dress.

Wedding Vows  Read the reviews!
Spock's, Saavik's, and T'Lar's points of view of the wedding ceremony in "Vulcan's Heart".

Son of Spock, Son of Sarek   Read the reviews!
The Naming Day for Spock's and Saavik's firstborn is both a day of joy and anxiety for McCoy.
Other references: "The Vulcan Academy Murders" by Jean Lorrah.

Term of Honor  Read the reviews!
Follows directly after "Vulcan's Heart" and focuses on one of the relationships from the book. Former Centurion Hasmonak learns who the Lady Evaste really was and must decide if Saavik caused him dishonor.

NEW!   How to Play
Teaching Saavik and Spock's three children how to play simple games makes memories of Hellguard rise up in Saavik. But as she puts her faith in the children's godparents - McCoy, Sulu, Chekov, and Uhura as well as Hunter, Nachson and Ruanek - when they make two mistakes: start a drinking game for the adults and suggesting they can do better at Hide and Seek than Saavik.

Commander Charvanek gets an alarm that someone is accessing records showing Saavik and Spock were in the Empire during the revolution against Praetor Dralath. So Charvanek goes face to face with a smuggler of all people: a man named Achernar. (Takes place shortly after the book, Vulcan's Heart.)

Commander Ajeya is called in front of Commander Charvanek. Everything is fine until Ajeya sees Saavik in the Empire using the name Evaste. Now Charvanek wonders what Ajeya is hiding and she must make sure she doesn't let the truth out: she's Saavik's mother. (Takes place soon after the book, Vulcan's Heart.)

A Time Of Peace   Read the reviews!
McCoy asks Spock and Saavik to celebrate Christmas with him, especially so he may show one year old Setik the holiday. But for Spock and Saavik, it also means a rest from recent tragedies.
Note: I rewrote this story a bit to clean out the hokey things. For the ones that remain, I hope you can enjoy the story despite them. Merry Christmas, Bedford Falls! :)

The Declaration
Saavik's protegee comes to make a promise to Sarek and Spock. But Saavik has more than a husband and a father-in-law, like a one-year-old son and those legends who served with James T. Kirk.

A Pet
Saavik is faced with something utterly alien in her life: a pet.
Note: today's the anniversary of losing my dog Morgan, one of the gentlest souls I ever met. Then little Casey a year later, 200 pounds of sehlat in a 10 pound body. Man, they were great dogs; they marked a wonderful era. So this little piece popped in my head in honor of them and all the other pets out there.

Baby Sister
Sulu calls his daughter: Saavik and Spock have offered him a great honor to join their family in a significant way. But he won't do it if Demora doesn't agree. Not only does she agree, she tells him she's getting something she's always wanted. She also makes a fool out of herself in front of Spock and Saavik, but these things happen.

The Family Photo... and The Other One
Uhura asks Saavik and Spock to pose for a family photo with their growing children. She gets a second one that touches her heart.

End of Loneliness  Read the reviews!
Sarek wants Spock's approval of his marriage to Perrin. Late one night, Saavik and Spock discuss it.
Wanted to try my hand at a drabble (a story of exactly 100 words). A definite challenge!

Journey Back To Babel
Set the day after Journey to Babel, Saavik's ship, carrying Spock and other diplomats, is thrown into a time warp, set by a saboteur. They find themselves side by side with Kirk's Enterprise on its way to the Coridan vote. As they battle against the enemy, their children become weapons, Kirk and Saavik's ships are used against them, and Sarek is forced to choose: billions of lives or his family.
I know JJ Abrams says no time travel is possible; you would create a parallel universe instead. It's why I haven't written this before. However, many temporal physicists argue that this theory is not true; time is not linear, but it interconnects as it swirls around itself. So I am using their theory instead; a lot of shows and movies do, so I'm in good company. :) I just wanted people to know that I didn't just ignore it.

The Portrait  Read the reviews!
An artist gets herself in trouble for violating Saavik and Spock's privacy.
Read the behind the scenes for Saavik ficRead Behind the Scenes for The Portrait

Negotiations  Read the reviews!
Saavik learns who her Romulan parent is, and Spock seeks to keep them apart.
This is a sequel to the story "Obliterate Your Tracks", but it's not necessary to have read that story to understand this one.

Wife of the Ambassador  Read the reviews!
As Saavik knows, having an ambassador like Spock as a consort is a job as well as a relationship.
Notes: Thank you first to Sarita, the artist of Part of My Heart which is the first inspiration for this story. Her art piece can be found on the spockandsaavik website. Second to Khiori who when faced with actually meeting an ambassador chose to meet his wife instead and asked what her work was like.
The Vulcan Language Institute and If Time Had Wings by Beatrice are the sources for the Vulcan endearments used in this story.

Duty  Read the reviews!
Saavik is injured while defending one of the Federation's treasures, and is stunned by her rescuer.
Note: This story refers to events in a story I had planned titled, "Journey Back to Babel". It is in progress now.

Mistake  Read the reviews!
Response to this Challenge: Spock, delirious with fever, says something that he wishes Saavik had not overheard...

The Meeting  Read the reviews!
Two eventful meetings take place in Saavik and Spock's family as Setik learns that lightning strikes even Vulcan hearts.

The Facade  Read the reviews!
as a Romulan diplomatic party discusses the glory days when Sarek commanded the Council floor, someone enters who sees something no one else can. A new future takes its first step.

Contact  Read the reviews!
A little bit of nonsense showing when diplomacy isn't going well...

Evolution  Read the reviews!
Saavik is visited by one of Vulcan's greatest leaders to rescue others before they are killed.
Read the behind the scenes for Saavik ficRead Behind the Scenes for Evolution

Ko-mekh-ra  Read the reviews!
A character piece about Saavik's eldest daughter, T'Kel, and her "godmother", Rrelthiz (Ann Crispin's character from "Enterprise Logs" -- here's hoping she never sees this thing!)

Stories written by others and beta-read by me:

Eowyn Jenny Joanna Kim Marla Mzsnaz Stacey
  • "One More Thing Before You Go: Ah what a beautiful story. It really demonstrates the subtly of Amanda's long relationship with Vulcan Culture and the sensitivity of Pon Farr. Vulcan characterization is very difficult to write realistically and you do so masterfully." — Guest

  • "The Race of Cain: Wow! The story is amazing and well thought out. You capture the characters with amazing accuracy and your skill as a writer is very impressive." — Beth

  • "Mourning: There are no words...wonderfully done. Praise to you for this tasteful and touching piece. It brought tears to my eyes and amazement to my heart...your story filled in the blanks of how our beloved crew weathered what we all know would have been a devastating blow. Well done."- Kim

  • "Momisms: This is probably the funniest Star Trek story I've ever read. I just plain ADORE Amanda. And everyone else, as well. I laughed out loud the first time I read it, the second, the third... Walking on the pavement thinking about it... And hit myself in the head when I realised I hadn't told you yet how ruddy brilliant this thing is. Congratulations. Well done." - Ingvild

  • "What Good Came From It: Another stellar story by Kerjen! Death usually brings up such regrets. You have shown that, by pushing past pain and regrets, by bringing healing to one grieving party, you can bring healing to your own broken heart. A beautiful story, beautifully written." - Beth

  • "Evolution: Awesomely original concept, and very well-written. Thank you for sharing."- Onaleia

  • "May I Ask Why: Oh good God... This is absolutely adorable. The mastery of the dialogue, the spell of *intellectual* humor... Oh, dear, I laughed... thank you!" - Anna