Whispers in the wind
They said you are in need;
Sands, rocks, flowers and trees,
They all bring the same message to me.

I try to reach you, I stretch my hand, I open my mind;
But from too far away comes your cry,
From the distant stars only its echo can arrive,
And I cannot call back to you.

And I despair alone in this dark,
As my body screams and succumbs my mind.
I remember I left you behind,
For there were things more important than our lives.

However, my convictions fail
When your weakened voice keeps me awake,
In this delirium, helpless in this bed,
Suffering, straining to see you again.

And death claims me
But I pay it no heed,
For without you I will not leave,
And to you I cling.

Because you are still alive;
I can feel your essence’s touch.
Because you are weak but you still fight,
And we will not die.

You will come to me; I will wait for you.
We will not let the fever break our souls.
You will come to me; I will wait for you.
We will be together; we will fulfill our love.

Hear me, listen to me.